Patient Review

Dr. Mize recommended that I have Lazer Surgery to correct a problem that I was having with my gum. Since I already had extreme "White Coat Syndrom", I was pretty terrified. Upon arriving at the office the day of the surgery I was greeted by Dr. Mize's very caring and reassuring staff. They made me feel very comfortable, even though I was still quite frightened. When Dr. Mize came into the room he gave off a quiet confidence that allowed me to become calm for the duration of the surgery. He and his staff had told me at my pre-surgery visit that I should not worry, the procedure would be easy and painless. They were right, I experienced no pain. Dr. Mize even called me that evening after the surgery to make sure I was ok. Dr. Mize is a wonderful doctor and his entire staff is pretty great too.

- Connie C

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