Patient Review

Admittedly, when I scheduled Dr. Travis Mize to perform laser surgery on two of my back molars - I was naturally a bit apprehensive in regard to the procedure. However, I can now say with confidence that Dr. Mize is extremely competent and professional from beginning to end. The procedure was painless (my main concern) and much to my amazement – the pain (and recovery) was minimal afterwards. On a scale of 1-10 (with ten being the most severe) – my pain level was 2-3, which only lasted for about two hours at the most, that is – after the numbing sensation diminished. This was nothing that a few ibuprofens couldn’t handle; however, an unnecessary prescription for hydrocodone was called in as a precautionary measure. Later that evening, Dr. Mize was kind and compassionate enough to contact me to see how I was getting along. I do realize that view is subjective; however, I have had enough oral procedures in the past, some of which were quite painful and involved a significant amount of recovery time, to compare this to. Overall, I only have positive comments in regard to Dr. Mize. Simply put, I highly recommend his services.

- Kendell H

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