Dental Implant Cost

There are several factors involved with the final fee, so Dr. Mize will need to take a look and see what you need in order to customize the treatment for you fully. For example, he will need to examine if there is enough bone so we can maximize the outcome of dental implant surgery and determine if additional bone grafting will be necessary. Factors that affect the canine dental implant cost include:

  • Number of teeth involved
  • Degree of bone loss
  • Type of procedure you are having
  • Need for a sinus lift 
  • Existence of periodontal disease
  • Need for extractions

Dr. Mize will organize your treatment plan in the most cost-efficient way, and our coordinators will work with you on payment options, including financing.

We now offer easy payment plans, so you can smile now and pay over time! Click here to get pre-approved:

All the staff are friendly and kind. They were very thorough in their explanations and patiently reviewed instructions as often as needed. They even tolerated my weird sense of humor. From the first visit, I was asked to call anytime I had questions. Dr. Mize and Carole were very patient, gentle, and concerned about my comfort, before, during, and after my surgery. Dr. Mize talked with my husband afterwards, explaining the surgery and reiterating post-operative instructions. How often do you get a call FROM THE DOCTOR the evening of your surgery to check on you and see if you have any questions? I really appreciated Dr. Mize doing that and really value his expertise. I would recommend him to anyone needing periodontal care.

– Anne B.

This was my first (and hopefully, my only) implant and bone graft procedure. I found it to be a much easier experience than I would have ever anticipated. The doctor and staff were well-organized and they eased me comfortably, and pretty much painlessly, through the process step by step. Their follow-up phone calls and chairside attitudes were professional, yet personable. From the moment I was greeted at the door each time until I walked out the door, I felt comfortable and confident in their abilities and their demeanor.

– Bonnie H.

I had an implant procedures done by Dr. Mize. He is a Dr. who not only excellent in what he does, but also very caring. He is gentle during the treatment and he listens. I highly recommend him.

– Susan M.