3Shape Trios 3D Digital Impressions


3d digital impressions

Dr. Mize remains committed to utilizing the latest and greatest that technology has to offer. That is why he has implemented the 3Shape Trios Color Digital Impression System into his practice. The Trios scanner has many purposes, but ultimately, it is all about making the dental experience more comfortable, accurate and saving time for his patients and referring dentists.

A digital impression provides an alternative to traditional impressions that no longer requires the use of trays and impression materials that can cause gagging. A digital impression involves a wand that takes several hundred pictures in the span of less than a minute and stitches them together to create a 3D image of your teeth and gums. Dr. Mize can analyze the 3D images on his laptop and if the scan needs any correction, only that portion of the scan needs to be repeated. As opposed to a traditional impression, this does not require taking a whole new impression.

3d digital impressions

How does this technology apply to our patients:

  • A strong gag reflex is always problematic in getting a good impression and as such, the digital impression eliminates the possibility of material or the tray itself in causing a patient to gag
  • 3D models of your teeth can be used for case planning and shared with your dentist at any time via the 3Shape app. That way everyone has a front row seat to your case and communication will be seamless. The models can be enlarged and altered as needed to show you the finer details of your case in vivid color.
  • Dr. Mize can use your 3D models along with your Cone Beam CT Scan to create a highly accurate surgical guide to place your implants. He does so by utilizing the powerful 3Shape Implant Studio software to plan the implant placement and generate the guide. By using the fast and efficient MoonRay 3D Printer, Dr. Mize can make your guide here at our office to save time and ensure a hands-on approach during the entire process.

Please ask us about this wonderful technology at your next visit!