Patient Reviews

I had a gum graft performed by Dr. Mize in mid-July, 2018. I have to be one of those patients that every dental practice dreads, as I have a severe gag reflex and am very nervous at a dental visit. The prospect of having anything done, let alone a major procedure, was simply terrifying. From the first meeting, Dr. Mize was very patient and considerate and even took a separate phone call from me to discuss treatment options. I have a condition that requires a pre-med and surprise – I also have trouble taking large pills. The staff was very kind and made arrangements for all the medication I would need before and after the procedure to be provided in liquid form, which was a tremendous help for me. Dr. Mize administered the IV sedation and within a few moments, I was completely unaware of anything being done. When I regained awareness, the procedure was almost over and I wasn’t afraid or uncomfortable. I’m amazed that I was able to have this procedure completed and so very thankful to Dr. Mize and the entire staff for working with me to have this important work done to protect my teeth and overall health. If necessary, I would be absolutely comfortable having IV sedation with Dr. Mize’s supervision again in the future.
– Melissa, July 2018

I had a tooth which had to be removed by cutting it into 3 pieces. It was done a couple days before Thanksgiving. Dr. Mize called that evening to check on me. He gave me his cell number and told me to call him if I had any pain during the thanksgiving weekend. I didn’t have any pain but was impressed by his concerns and professionalism.
-Eddie, April 2018

There is always a good parking place. Checking in and sitting in the waiting room is pleasant and reasonably brief. The staff are all friendly and helpful. Treatment is thorough and effective, and pain is minimized. More drastic procedures are done under effective pain elimination.and of course depend somewhat on your lifetime home care of your teeth and gums. The treatment is done expertly with the latest methods and instruments, and gives good results. Everything is done by real experts. 
-Julian, January 2018

Admittedly, when I scheduled Dr. Travis Mize to perform laser surgery on two of my back molars – I was naturally a bit apprehensive in regard to the procedure. However, I can now say with confidence that Dr. Mize is extremely competent and professional from beginning to end. The procedure was painless (my main concern) and much to my amazement – the pain (and recovery) was minimal afterwards. On a scale of 1-10 (with ten being the most severe) – my pain level was 2-3, which only lasted for about two hours at the most, that is – after the numbing sensation diminished. This was nothing that a few ibuprofens couldn’t handle; however, an unnecessary prescription for hydrocodone was called in as a precautionary measure. Later that evening, Dr. Mize was kind and compassionate enough to contact me to see how I was getting along. I do realize that view is subjective; however, I have had enough oral procedures in the past, some of which were quite painful and involved a significant amount of recovery time, to compare this to. Overall, I only have positive comments in regard to Dr. Mize. Simply put, I highly recommend his service.
-Kendell, November 2017

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